Photography > Calligraphies

"Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes." -V. Lazursky

Serious and yet also playful, this body of work is comprised of variations on three tones: blues, blacks, and whites, and the seemingly endless energies and structures, spaces and figures that arise within this limited palette.

While referencing painting and printmaking, this work was created photographically. These photographs are not meant to represent an external reality but rather to suggest an internal one, alluding to something not quite graspable yet somehow already known, as in a half remembered dream.

Elemental and ephemeral, filled with the tensions that trap us and free us and the paradoxes that elude us, these works are to be taken as they are: as presences to encounter, as spaces to inhabit, as distilled traces of our essential natures, and as unformed thoughts to witness before they dissolve.